Residential accommodations

At the moment there are four houses and some lodgement facilities available. The houses are fully equipped for your holiday at Western European standards, with all the modern comfort and comfortable beds, TV, internet coverage, and decent facilities for your personal care. The houses are with a balcony offering a beautiful panoramic view, and an equipped barbecue.
Linen and towels are at your disposal. During chilly evenings in spring and autumn you will appreciate the homely comfort of a fireplace, for which you will find sufficient wood.
At leaving the houses we expect you to clean it besom like.


Before, and after, the high season (Easter, mid June to mid September, and Christmas/New Year) our prices are even more attractive !


 Penkova           Strasjarska           Panteleimon         Balkansjiska
 House               House                    House                   House




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