Delchevo and surroundings

The village Delchevo is one of the villages belonging to the municipality of Gotze Delchev, in the valley of the river Mesta, in the south West of Bulgaria, close to the border between Greece and Bulgaria.
Delchevo is situated on the slopes of the Pirin Mountains, and large parts of these mountains are recognized as UNESCO, or national, nature reserves. The villages lies a 600 meters up from Gotze Delchev, on a small plain at the meeting point of two ridges, favoured by a pleasant micro climate: in summer it is cooler than the valley, especially the nights, so the hottest days are less pressing. In winter, often it is warmer than the valley by its position to the sun. The Pirin Mountains offer protection against cold winds.
From the village you have a magnificent panoramic view on the valley and the opposing Rhodopi Mountains.

Delchevo is a little treasure for its architecture. Even 26 of the houses have the status of National Monument to preserve the heritage of the period around the liberation of the Turkish occupation. The whole village has the specific atmosphere of the second half of the 19th century. Here and there in the region you will find some more of these characteristic, historical villages, more than wherever in Bulgaria.

In the village there is a small shop for basic needs, and there are four restaurants.

 Map of Bulgaria                                                                     Map of the region
foto23.jpgfoto24.jpgGreece is at less than 20 km, and a little over an hour drive, you will find Kavala at the Aegean Coast. The beautiful beaches, the old city with the citadel and the harbour, and the museums make it certainly worth a visit. 
The well known ski resort Bansko is on a 40 km distance, a 40 minutes drive. During the winter season Bansko is a dynamic centre of winter sports, but outside this season it is a quiet and interesting little city, with lovely architecture and an interesting history.
The oldest traces of habitation of the region are dating from more than 5.000 years ago (the Thracian sanctuary at Kozi Kamuk). Since then, Thracians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Slavs and Turks have left their visual marks in the region.

Delchevo is located at the end of a fairly good road from Gotze Delchev, a 8 km up the mountains. The village is at a 210 km distance from Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Gotze Delchev is connected with the capital and several major Bulgarian cities by good bus connections. If you didn't hire a car, using a taxi is the easiest way to arrive at Delchevo. At several spots in Gotze Delchev you will find these taxis, and the driver will bring you up to the village Delchevo at the costs of a few levas. Gotze Delchev has all the comforts of the modern cities, including many cafes, terraces, and good restaurants, and a nice market on Monday and Friday.

                 The view to the city from the square in the village