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New Years Day - Vasiliovden (Saint Vassil's Day);

Name Day - a Name Day is the feast day of the saint after whom one is named;

Simi Zagovezni - marks the beginning of the Great Lent;

Epiphany - On January 6th the Bulgarians celebrate Epiphany or St.Jordan's Day;

Trifon Zarazan - Bulgarian ritual on cutting the vines;

Valentine's Day - On February 14, Bulgarians celebrate both Trifon Zarazan and Valentine Day;

Baba Marta - an interesting ancient tradition celebrated on the first day of March;

National Day - March 3 - Bulgaria's "Day of Independence";

Kukeri - A ritual to ensure the advent of Spring;

Palm Sunday - Bulgaria celebrates Palm Sunday as the "Holiday of trees and flowers";

Easter - in 2015 the Orthodox easter is on Sunday, April 12;

Day of Culture - honnors two missionary brothers, Sts. Cyril and Methodius, who developed the first Bulgarian alphabet;

Enyovden - (June 24) is a festival connected with the summer solstice;

26 October is devoted to St. Dimitri of Thessalonica;

Nikulden is "The day of Saint Nicolas"- December 6;

20 December is Ïgnazhden" in Bulgaria;

Christmas - Bulgaria celebrates Christmas for three days starting on December 25;

December 27 is Stefanovden (nameday of St. Stephen or Stefan's Day).